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imlovespent said: honestly i'm a taga writer myself and that fic was one of the best things i've ever read! you should write a multi chapter, that'd be so awesome :')

omg thank you so much!! :D I would love to write a multi chapter, I just don’t know what I would write one about…

Bad Valentine’s Week

this was an anon prompt, I hope you enjoy :)


“Are you sure you don’t want us to spend the night?”
“Yeah guys, I’m okay, really. I kind of want to be alone for a bit. I love you both so much, thanks for being here.”
“We love you, loopy.” Cynthia and Joe walked out of the room and blew Stef a kiss. She smiled back at them and rested her head back on her pillow.
Instantly, she felt lonely. She did feel like being alone though, to just think about the mess of a week that had just passed. What with the tour being cancelled and all of that. She was absolutely devastated. She hadn’t even found the words to tweet yet, only a fan made video of the born this way ball, showing all the highlights and memories. Just thinking about it made the little pop star tear up. My fans probably hate me, I can’t believe I let them down like this. She tried to distract herself by thinking about other things, like Taylor. He said he would come visit her today, but he never did. She tried calling him earlier but gave up when her parents stopped by for a surprise visit. She was upset, she was in his home town and he couldn’t even stop by for a few minutes? Maybe something had happened to him. She tried calling him again. After one and a half rings, she got sent right to voicemail. Ignoring my calls, bailing on my while I’m in the hospital…either something bad happened to him or he’s trying to send me some sort of signal. The brunette looked at her phone for the time and noticed it said “February 14th”. The poor singer had been through so much in the past few days she didn’t even realize what day it was. Are you shitting me? He does this to me on Valentine’s day? What the fuck. He knows how I’m feeling about the tour, and about my injury, and all he’s doing is making it worse. Stefani started hysterically crying and she couldn’t control it. Here she was in a hospital, all alone, on Valentine’s day. She couldn’t walk, her boyfriend was ignoring her, and worst of all she felt like the biggest loser ever for letting her fans down like this. She needed someone. She tried Taylor again.
“Yeah?” He sounded uninterested when he answered.
“Uh, hey babe…” Stef replied obviously sounding like she was crying.
“Oh hi. You need something? I’m kinda busy.”
“Well, *sniff* it’s just that you said you’d v-visit me earlier and you never showed…and I kinda need someone now with all th-”

“Sorry about that, it slipped my mind. Just remembered now actually.” He said with urgency.
Stef snapped. She’d had enough. Trying to control herself, “That’s just FUCKING GREAT babe. I support you no matter what! Sorry to hear about your HIP INJURY. Soooo sorry you let all your fans down!!”
“Wait I-” Taylor tried to interrupt.
“No it’s FINE. I  understand how much that must hurt, mourning the loss of a project that you spent all your time and money on, only to have it be crushed to pieces! I GET IT. So don’t worry about me at all! Spending all my time in a hospital room, stuck in bed, is EXACTLY what I wanted. Okay?!”
“Stef, please, I didn’t mean to offend you I just-”
“No! No offense taken! I see you got your priorities all straightened out over there. It’s cool. I fucking need someone, taylor. I NEED you. And you’re not here. You’re never here. I’m sorry that this has to be done over the phone. But you know what? If you don’t care about this, then why should I? We’re over.” There was silence at his end of the line. “Happy Valentine’s day.” Stef hung up. The room was even quieter now. What the fuck have I done? Now she felt like the worst person in the entire world. No boyfriend, no tour, she felt like her fans hated her. She knew that wasn’t true, but she couldn’t help but feel like a giant disappointment. Suddenly she remembered what she did have, her best friend.
After one ring, the blonde answered. “Hello?” Stef’s heart jumped hearing that cute voice of hers. It was a weird feeling she got whenever Tara spoke to her.
“Tara…I need someone right now.”
“Baby, I’m here. Talk to me.” Tara sounded genuinely concerned.
“Well, I’m alone in my hospital room. I didn’t feel like having company. Taylor ditched me, so I dumped him.”
“Wait, you did what?!?” Tara almost laughed.
“It’s not funny, you bitch!” Stef couldn’t help but smile. “Seriously, I feel like he doesn’t care anymore. About me, about the fans, about my career. I couldn’t take it! He wasn’t supporting me. It’s actually really horrible because,” Stef choked back tears, “today’s the 14th and he didn’t stop by or call me or do anything. He even ignored my calls. I didn’t know what to do!” There was silence. “tara? are you there?”
“Stef…” Tara started. “will you be my valentine?” She asked sweetly. Tara always tried to cheer up her best friend whether it was through being funny, or just being there. Their friendship was not like the others because in most friendships, days spent out shopping together usually did not end in cuddle sessions, tickle fights, or extremely intimate moments. And of course, neither girl thought anything of it.
“Of course I will…Tara you always know how to make me feel better, thank you.” Stef smiled uncontrollably. Despite all the shit she went through this past week, Tara was helping.
“Okay my Valentine, I’ve got a plane to catch.”
“Wait what? Where are you going?”
“Right by your side. I know you need someone, and I’ll be right there. I’m on my way to the airport now.” Stef was shocked, nobody had ever done something like this for her, besides her parents of course.
“Tara…I can’t ask you to do that…you’re in New York City! Enjoy it..” Stef did want Tara to come, but she also wanted Tara to be happy.
“You’re not asking me silly, I want to so you can’t stop me. And it’s not that far away. It’ll be a short flight I promise. I have to go now, see you soon.” Tara hung up. Stef sat there in her bed finally not feeling alone anymore. Someone actually cared about her enough to drop everything and tend to her needs. She felt overwhelmed, and happy.
A sudden wave of tiredness hit her. She hadn’t slept properly in days due to all her anxiety but now with the idea of Tara coming, she could relax. So she laid back, and let herself sleep.

At some unknown hour in the middle of the night, a tired Stefani couldn’t open her eyes but she was able to hear a muffled conversation right outside her door. “I told her I was coming. Please? You know me!” It was Tara, probably talking to the guard. The sound of her sweet little voice made the singer’s heart fill with joy. “She’s been going through a tough time…I don’t care if it’s 3am! Please just let me in.”
“Alright fine, but this is the first time she’s slept in a while so just be quiet okay?”
“Yes, I know, I promise. Thank you so much.” Stef smiled when she heard the door open and shut quietly, feeling the presence of someone else in the room with her. She heard some stuff being set on the ground, maybe Tara’s purse or something. Suddenly the singer felt weight on the edge of her bed, and then felt a body lay next to her. The bed was small so there wasn’t enough room for two people, but neither of them seemed to mind. Tara scooched closer so her stomach was pressing against Stef’s back. The blonde was hesitant at first, something felt a little different about this particular cuddle session. Oh well, she thought. Then Tara wrapped her arms around Stef’s little stomach and pulled her even closer. The brunette smiled and placed her hand’s over Tara’s arms before drifting back to sleep.

The sunlight shined through the hospital window, waking the two girls up at the same time. They were still laying the way they fell asleep. To avoid the sun, Stefani rolled over into Tara, burying her face into the blonde’s neck and wrapped her arms around her back. They laid like that for a bit before Tara broke the comfortable silence. “Morning, sunshine.”
Stef let out a groan. “Hey.” They looked at each other for a moment, their noses nearly touching. “Thanks again for coming…just the more I think about it the worse it gets. I’ve lost so many friends this year but you have always been here no matter what. I really…” Stef started tearing up again.
“Shhh..” Tara said as she pulled the little brunette closer and kissed her on the top of her head. “It’s okay, I’m never gonna leave you. Ever. That’s a promise.” With that, Stefani started crying even harder. She tried to explain herself.
“I’m s-sorry I cant st-stop crying it’s just that nothing seems to be working lately but y-you..”
“I don’t care if you cry, you know that. Babe I’ve seen you naked, this is nothing.” Tara said. The girls laughed. It was true, it was just the way their friendship worked. The majority of the time it appeared to be non-platonic. No big deal to either of course. Both of them had thoughts about maybe being more than friends but they kept it to themselves. Stef had Taylor and they were both just really busy with haus work and such. “Besides, you’re having that surgery today and it’d be better if you went in there being in a good mood. So let’s cheer you up!” Tara said with a smile.
Stef sighed. “Alright you bum…but I need to take a shower first. I’ll be right back.” With that, she got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Tara laid there on the bed sprawled out now that she had a little more room. She was happy Taylor was gone because she always knew he was an asshole. Her little best friend would be happier without him in the long run. The water turned on and instantly Tara’s thoughts shifted. She thought of the brunette taking off her clothes..stepping into the steamy shower…feeling the hot water trail down her stomach. She thought about what it would be like to be in there with her, to get to touch her and mean something by it. Tara closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her hands slid down her body, towards her throbbing pussy. There was sudden knock on the door and the doctor walked in. Tara basically jumped out of her skin and nearly fell off the bed.
“I’m sorry was I…are you..?” The doctor looked confused.
“What? No I wasn’t…doing anything just…looking for my uh…uh..uhhhh my purse?! Look there it is! Heh, silly me…” She awkwardly trailed off.
“Right…anyways, where’s the patient?”
“Okay. Well, it’s nearly time for her surgery. Is she ready?”
“Uh yeah she’ll be ready soon. Can you come back? I know, an odd request. But yeah..” Tara needed to make sure Stef was mentally calm and ready.
“I guess so…just wheel her out when she’s ready.” With that the doctor turned on his heel and left the room. That was terribly awkward. Tara sighed. Stef walked out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her. Tara’s heart skipped a beat.
“I suppose I’ll have to wear that hospital gown thingy for my surgery, huh?” Stef laughed to herself. Tara didn’t respond. “Tar…why are you looking at me like that?” Tara inhaled and bit her lower lip, ready to throw this whole thing on the line. “Tara what are y-” The blonde took two steps towards Stef and planted her lips on the singer’s. Neither of them pulled away, but neither of them made it more intense. Stef took a step back after a moment. “Oh.”
Tara started panicking. “oh my god, that was so dumb, I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have done that because you and Taylor…I didn’t mean to take advantage of you I just, it felt-”
“No, it’s…I wanted…” Stef couldn’t finish her thought before she pounced on Tara. This time things were heated. Stef’s hands were all over Tara, feeling her hips move into her. Tara’s lips slightly parted and Stef dominated the kiss as she slipped her tongue through her mouth. The brunette maneuvered the blonde towards the bed and pushed her over on top of it. Stefani was getting ready to remove her towel when Tara stopped her.
“No, we can’t do this, not now,” Tara said, breathless.
“What? Why not? Babe I thought you wanted this..”Stef seemed confused.
“Well first, your hip is in no condition for this. And two, you’re having surgery today, so think of me before you go under, think of how it’s gonna be you and me after. Think of this moment when it can actually happen all the way. That will get you through this. It’s not an empty promise baby I swear on Fozzi’s life.” Tara was almost tearing up, of course she wanted Stef more than anything in the world right now, but this was what was best for her. Tara stood up and wrapped her arms around the singer.
“Thank you. Really. I’m gonna get through this. It’s you and me, I know it.” Stef smiled and gently kissed the blonde’s lips.

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yes! that’s next on my list. I’m finishing up a cute one and then starting it. :)


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